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How to buy and sell bitcoin in the Cancoin Marketplace.

Want to buy and sell bitcoin instantly with secure multi-sig and OpenPGP privacy? The Cancoin Marketplace allows you to buy and sell bitcoin quickly, securely and privately, and in the section below we explain how a trade between two Cancoin Users takes place, using Cancoin multi-signature escrow wallets.

A Marketplace bitcoin order
Sally the Seller
Sally wants to sell bitcoins. She has an active sell listing that other users can view and create orders from.
Sally has:
Bob the Buyer
Bob wants to buy bitcoins. He has found Sally’s listing and likes the price, payment type and Sally's reviews.
Bob has:
1 Create
Order created
Sally waits for a new buy order to be created from her listing.
Bob creates an order from Sally’s listing. He wants to buy 1 bitcoin for $4000.00 USD via cash deposit.
2 Seller deposit
Order escrow filled by seller
Sally receives an alert to let her know she has a new order from Bob. She sends a bitcoin transaction for the full order amount to the order's escrow wallet.
Bob waits for Sally to send the order's funding transaction, and receives an alert once the order escrow wallet has been filled.
3 Payment
Buyer sends payment
Sally sends her private payment details to Bob via the OpenPGP encrypted order chat window and waits for Bob to send payment.
Bob receives Sally's private payment details, makes his payment for $4000.00 USD and sends payment confirmation.
4 Escrow release
Order escrow sent to buyer
Sally receives and confirms her payment from Bob. She then signs an order transactaction that sends the bitcoins in the order escrow wallet to Bob.
Bob receives an alert once he has received the bitcoins from the order in his personal Cancoin wallet.
5 Rate
Rate your experience to
finish the order
Sally rates her experience with Bob and leaves a public review. The order is now complete and Sally has the payment she was looking for.
Bob rates his experience with Sally and leaves a public review. The order is now complete and Bob has the bitcoin he was looking for.
Bitcoin wallet
Every account comes with a free, easy to use multi-sig bitcoin wallet to send, receive and secure your bitcoin.
Bitcoin marketplace
Buy & Sell bitcoin directly from other users with your prefered currency, location, price and payment type.
Custom Alerts
Create custom market and listing alerts to get instant price updates sent via SMS, email and more.
Cancoin is a peer-to-peer (P2P) bitcoin marketplace and multi-sig (P2SH) wallet service offering quick and secure bitcoin exchanges.
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