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Why Cancoin

Cancoin offers a private, secure, framework for P2P bitcoin exchanges.

What is Cancoin

Cancoin's Peer-to-peer (P2P) bitcoin Marketplace aims to be the most convenient, private and secure bitcoin trading platform available to the bitcoin community. Cancoin users can buy and sell bitcoins directly with each other in the Marketplace quickly and easily, without the wait times associated with centralized cash deposits or the intrusive / cumbersome process to getting started with traditional bitcoin exchanges.

Cancoin features
P2P bitcoin
order escrow
Encrypted order
Advanced price
HSM secured
bitcoin wallets
Secure, private escrow-basedbitcoin exchanges
The Cancoin Marketplace is Peer-to-Peer (P2P). This means that when you buy and sell bitcoins in the Marketplace you are placing orders, making payments and interacting directly with another Cancoin user. At no time does Cancoin hold cash deposits or control bitcoins. Instead, Cancoin provides a framework and process for our users to perform secure, private escrow-based bitcoin exchanges with each other using a wide variety of payment types anywhere in the world.

Traditional bitcoin exchanges operate in a more centralized way, requiring a cash deposit to the exchange’s centralized bank account before you are able to buy bitcoins. They also generally require much deeper levels of verification, such as personal banking details and proof of address documentation. In essence, you relinquish a lot more control and privacy when you buy and sell from traditional exchanges.
Multi-signature order escrow
Client-side signing options
Cancoin signing
Generate a Cancoin wallet to generate and use a 12-word mnemonic (BIP-39) to sign outgoing transactions and send bitcoin(s). The wallet generation process happens in browser, so your signing key is never known by Cancoin or exists on our servers. Learn more
Available now
Ledger signing
Use your Ledger HSM device to sign outgoing transactions and send bitcoin(s) from your Cancoin wallet. Only your synced Ledger device (xpubkey) will be able to sign and send transactions, bypassing Cancoin seed generation. Ledgerwallet.com
Coming soon
Trezor signing
Use your TREZOR HSM device with TREZOR Connect to sign outgoing txs and send bitcoin(s) from your Cancoin wallet. Only your synced TREZOR device (xpubkey) will be able to sign and send transactions, bypassing Cancoin seed generation. Trezor.io
Coming soon
Product comparison

See how Cancoin stacks up to a few of the other prominent P2P bitcoin exchanges feature-wise. We think each item in the table below is integral to your security, privacy and experience when using a modern, P2P bitcoin exchange. Every free Cancoin account comes with all the features listed in the table.

Responsive UI

Cancoin’s User Interface (UI) has been developed to look good on any device, at any resolution. From smartphones to desktop, we aim to deliver a modern experience for our Users. The Cancoin UI uses only SVG based images and that are very small in size and optimized for a fast, responsive pageload.

Getting started

The Cancoin signup process is quick and easy. In just a few minutes you can be buying and selling bitcoins directly from other users in the Marketplace. Just sign up for a free account, generate your wallet and OpenPGP chat keys and you are ready to go. Once you sign up, click on the ‘Getting Started’ button at the top of the page for guide to getting the most out of your Cancoin account.

Create account
Signup for a free account and create your Cancoin username and enter your email address. Input and confirm your login password to continue and create your account. Sign up
Generate wallet
Once you have created your account, you will need to generate your multi-sig wallet. A simple page guides you through the wallet generation process in a few quick & easy steps. Learn more
Generate chat keys
When your wallet has been generated, you can create you OpenPGP chat keys. These keys are generated in your browser and encrypted with your wallet mnemonic in one easy step. Learn more
Cancoin is a peer-to-peer (P2P) bitcoin marketplace and multi-sig (P2SH) wallet service offering quick and secure bitcoin exchanges.
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